Lube Shooter

Originally Posted At: True Pleasures June 2011

Author: True Pleasures

Sounds like a good idea right? Lube Shooters are basically little ABS plastic (phthalates-free) tubes that you can use to shoot lube up your butt or into your vagina. By inserting lube into yourself this way, it should actually lubricate you better and possibly require less lube. The Lube Shooters pack comes with 3 tubes, 1 plunger, and 1 cap.

Size: 5” long x ½” diameter (12.7 cm long x 1.27 cm diameter)


Remove the plunger, but leave the cap on. Pour in your lube of choice. Hold the Lube Shooter horizontally so the lube doesn’t leak out, and remove the cap while replacing the plunger. Hold the tip upright, and gently press the plunger until all the air is released and lube oozes out of the tip. (Trust me, you do not want air in your vagina or your butt.

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