Before and After Toy Cleaner

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Originally Posted at: The Sub Mission in June 2011

Author: Kitty

As a cam girl, I can tell you that I spend the vast majority of my shifts shuttling dirty and clean toys back and fourth from my work room to the connected bathroom sink.  I scrub as many toys as I can between shows, let them air dry, and then run them back in to put along side my work station.  It gets tiring and it takes up a whole lot of time I could be spending on other things.

I’ve always looked at toy cleaners as one of those things which was extraneous and silly.  Why on Earth would I want to pay money for a toy cleaner when good old fashioned soap works just as well?

The thing is though, that many of us would like to add an anti-bacterial component to our toy cleaning without boiling (I really don’t have time for that between shows!) and without using an antibacterial soap itself.

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