JimmyJane Afterglow candle

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Author: Elle

JimmyJane makes some seriously sexy toys. They tend to be sleek, streamlined, and beautifully packaged. In fact, once you count the aluminum bodies on the vibes, they have a lot in common with Apple products. One of their most inventive and sensual products is the Afterglow Candle. Babeland was kind enough to send me this gorgeous sex toy to try out.

Afterglow comes in a ton of gorgeous scents: Dark Vanilla, Bourbon, Pink Lotus, Cucumber Water, Grapefruit, and Ginger Snap. This means you can evoke a different mood based on which one you select. If you’re picky about scents or just unsure of which one to select, another fun option is the adorable Afterglow Sampler Set which includes a mini candle in each of the scents.

I tried the Pink Lotus scent and found it to be feminine and delicate but not overly sweet and cloying. It was distinctly floral with the slightest hint of earthiness to tie into the heat of the candle. These candles work by melting at a relatively low temperature and turn into a luscious massage oil.

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