Sexy School Girl Costume

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Originally Posted At: True pleasures in June 2011

Author: True Pleasures

In case you’re wondering why I’m looking at a “Global Combat” book, it’s because there’s a picture of my favorite professor in there. *dreamy sigh*

Seducing Professor T.

If he’d just pin me to the wall, my hands above my head unable to break away from of his grip, holding me just inches off the ground with his knee between my legs… Since I’ve been such a bad girl, he’ll have to torture me, rocking his knee up and in, massaging me until I soak through and turn his pant leg sticky with my juices… Glaring at me and, in the blink of an eye, landing a hard kiss on me to scare the hell out of me…

(I’ve been thinking this through for a long time. Can you tell?)

In order to attain that, I figured I need a skimpy little outfit. That’s where the Sexy School Girl Costume from MyPleasure comes into play.

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