Hot Pink Pasties

Originally Posted at True Pleasures in June 2011

Author: True Pleasures

So, as another sidestep outside of my usual “I hate pink” box, I asked to review the Hot Pink Pasties made by Baci. This little kitty loves tassels, and I’ve been wanting to broaden my horizons instead of shutting things out just because of one thing. Would I have liked them in a different color? Yes, a shiny emerald green, but I’m experimenting with new things.

Baci has done it again. Although I knew full well what I was getting when I asked for the Hot Pink Pasties, Baci decided they needed a model on the back of the box to showcase them. Seriously, Baci, cut it out with the raunchy packaging. I do not get lingerie for the images of half-naked women on the packaging and I don’t appreciate it.

At least the shipping package that it came in was discreet.

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