Inner Vibe Ring

Originally Posted At: The Sub Mission in June 2011

Author: Kitty

Master and me already found our perfect cock ring a while back, but when the cool people over at MyPleasure included the Inner Vibe Ring with a recent order, we figured we may as well give it a whirl.

The ring comes in a blue shimmery looking pouch.  Nothing too discreet, and also nothing recyclable, which is unfortunate.  The pouch has a little notch in the top so that you can just tear the package open.  It is obvious that the ring is meant to be a one time use product.

The Inner Vibe Erection Ring is very cool looking as you can see from the photo!  It is completely see through, and mine has a very light bluish tinge to it.  The ring has a gummy sort of feel to it, and many fun textures to explore!

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