Penis Suckers

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Originally Posted At: The Sub Mission In June 2011

Author: Kitty

Do you remember those cute little Ring Pops of yesterday?  I think they may still even sell them in some places.  I remember them being so cool when I was a little girl.  A giant lolipop in the shape of a gem!  How can you lose?  Well, Ring Pops are great for little girls, but you know what’s great for us grown-up girls who like to sometimes act like little girls?  Why, the Penis Solitare Sucker, of course.

The Penis Solitare Sucker is a “little’s” dream come true.  Now we have something to ask our Daddies for that is a little sexier than a regular lolipop.  You don’t have to be a little to enjoy these sweet treats though.

The suckers come in grape, cherry, and strawberry, but let Babeland choose for you.  The flavors are tasty, but a bit watery after the first couple of licks, I noticed.

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