The Green Giant

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Originally Posted at: True Pleasures in june 2011

Author: True Pleasures

Feeling the need to have the complete collection of Bad Dragon’s Tentacle Dildos, I bought myself this lovely green leviathan in large size and #5 (medium) firmness. It’s actually from one of Bad Dragon’s Adoption sales. This particular Tentacle Dildo was in the sale because of a small chunk missing out of the base. Whatever Bad Dragon produces and sees unfit to sell normally because of small defects, they sell at up to 50% off in their Adoption sales. Those generally crop up after conventions and holidays, when Bad Dragon makes a surplus of toys.

While we’re still sort of on the subject of the base, I should go through my love/hate relationship with it. Since the base makes it look like the Tentacle Dildo has testicles, I’m just going to say “squiddy balls” from now on.

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