Change Coming to Grits!!!


hi there! I have a few announcements about grits to share with you all.

1. yes I’m still alive. and yes debbie will still be helping me with the site. she’s had a few technical difficulties and i’ve been a bit busy so ..yeah got behind again

2. if it’s o.k with those who have submitted i’m gonna que everything that is left from the JUNE submissions and use it to fill in later when things are caught up. this will be extremely helpful at this point in time to help with catching up. if you submitted in june and haven’t saw your posts go up, expect an email from me asking you about this!

3. I am moving ALL of my adult content from goodvibes & mypleasure off of (and possibly babeland as well as soon as i can get a go ahead) these posts will be housed here. this will be a work in progress.

4. all  a dult reviews in the future from me will be posted exclusively here .I am trying to get them away from autumn-rain because of dvertiser/PR,etc issues that don’t want to work with me because of my “ADULT CONTENT” *rolls eyes*

5. this site will continue to take submissions & post content from everyone just as it has been :)

6. I am looking for anyone who wants to advetise here as a text or banner link. i’m reasonable. shoot me a # i’m sure we can work something out.

I look forward to continuing to work with you all! shoot me a line with any comments/feedback/questions etc



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