Zini Hau

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Originally Posted At: KInky World in July 2011

Author: Mistress Kay

The Zini Hua is a luxury rabbit-style vibrator that is made by Zini and sold by this sex shop I trust. The vibrator is made from silicone and plastic, and it includes the amazing control panel on the front side of it. The vibrator is splashproof, includes five steady vibration speeds, and fifteen different patterned modes. It puts out at a frequency of 160hz. The full length of the vibrator is about eight inches long with the insertable portion being about three to three and a half inches long. The clitoral arm is about an inch in length.

The packaging for the Zini Hua, just like all Zini vibrators, is just downright amazing. The vibrator comes in a large, textured black box.

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