Babeland Body Kit

this post was originally posted at by nichole on september 23 2010

After reviewing quite a few sex toys ,mostly vibrators, I was excited when I got to pick the Babeland Body Kit for Review(It actually comes with a vibrator too, lol)

The Babeland body kit came in the cutest little plastic jar with a lid (with the babeland logo!).
Included in the kit are babeland body products including massage oil, lickable oil, massage bar, bath fizzy, babelight vibe, massage candle, condoms, and even matches. It is quite the complete package! The babeland products are handmade in California and made of all natural, primarily organic ingredients.

The products come in a variety of flavors, and the ones that were in my kit were quite delicious! I kind of wish I might have gotten to pick the flavors, but I ended up with pretty much what I would have chosen anyways! I got yummy white tea massage bar (this thing was so was solid but when you massage it onto skin it melts into your body!), orange blossom massage oil, a rice flower massage candle, a water lily bath fizzy, and dulce de leche flavored oil! (so so yummy!) I hadn’t really ever had any of these kind of products.

It was fun to take a nice relaxing bath, and get a nice massage and all that. Of course I can use the massage candle, lickable oil, and massage oil again. Just my massage bar and bath fizzy can’t be! I like the idea of getting to use things again 

The coolest thing was the babelight vibe! It is made as a keychain, and you can use it as a flashlight and a vibrator! The only thing that would have been nice would have been if it would have been made in a way where you could have used one or another! I am gonna be kind of shy to put it on my keyring, as a flashlight,because of the vibrating part! However, it is adorable, and it works awesome! They even include an energizer AAA battery for you!

I didn’t really have a use for the condoms, since I’m married, but I’ll either give them to my brother in law or my cousin 

I do advice if you order this item in a warm season of the year that you might want to order it expedited or quicker than ground shipping. I had a little issue with some leaky body oil and a melted massage bar (not that big of a deal, the fridge took care of it) There really wasn’t that much oil lost either! It was just hot and expanded and made a tiny mess!

The Babeland Body Kit is $25 and theitems can be purchased separately, but as a kit you save $7! I think that if you are looking for a night of relaxing fun, massage products that can be used again, and a really nifty vibe, you should definantley stop over at Babeland and check it out!

This product was provided to me to review for my honest opinion from babeland

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