Berman Venus G

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Author: Kitty

The Berman Venus G is a toy that looked a bit different to me than my other G-spot toys.  Most of my G-spot toys were thinner than this one, and I didn’t like that too much.  I want pressure on my G-spot, but with the uncomfortable “pokey” feeling that you can sometimes get with thinner toys.  I don’t want to feel poked.  I want to feel stimulated.

When my new toy showed up, I was eager to try it.  The next morning I took it out to test drive it, and with fresh batteries (AA, does not come with) I was disappointed by the vibration.  While the toy is listed as having “gentle” vibrations, I found that these were almost barely-there.  For someone who really enjoys that, this will work out great.  For my particular G-spot, this just didn’t work out so well for me.  At least, not for the intended purpose.

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