Glass Pleasure Dong

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First of all, I don’t like the term “dong.”  Not even a little.

Now that that’s out of the way…let me tell you all about this lovely glass dildo that the folks at sent me.

It is a little over seven inches long and it is manufactured by Doc Johnson.  Glass is one of my favorite materials for sex toys.  It is super easy to clean and can even be boiled if you want to share between partners (or orifices).  The packaging for this toy isn’t anything spectacular, but it is also the opposite of awful.  It’s plastic.  You can see the dildo inside.  It says fucking “Dong” right there on the box.  So, discreet?  No.  Nice enough?  Yes.  You could use it for storage, but I won’t.  Get yourself a nice padded pouch, or something.

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