Liberator Escape

Originally Posted At A Bedroom blog in july 2011

Author: Bedroom blogger

Hey, remember when I took my Liberator Escape with me to Bonnaroo and found out that it was totally awesome for things like not-sex and sleeping? Yeah, well…it’s pretty friggin’ awesome to fuck on, too.

It’s a big ol’ pad made of Liberator‘s champagne foam.

t is dense, comfy foam awesomeness.  It’s two inches thick, which doesn’t sound like much…but I slept on it three nights in a row and it is fucking rad.  You best believe it will support your knees and elbows and faces while you’re fucking on it.

It comes in a really big box…the sucker’s like four feet tall…but it isn’t all that heavy.  Other than the fact that it’s a big ass box, it’s pretty discreet.  No big stickers on the side that say “SEX PAD INSIDE” or anything.  The Escape is folded in thirds and packaged in plastic inside the box.

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