Now & Again

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Originally Posted At: Kisses and Kinks in July 2011

Author: Twisted Finger

The Now & Again Massager by Little Genie is an adorable gag gift. Assuming you get a kick out the name it will put a smile on your face before leaving you in shock from the sheer power of this little number. Don’t let the small, simple design fool you. It really packs a wallop! I got this vibrator at this sex shop I trust.

It measures at 5” in length and 3” in circumference. It comes with a nice little carrying case which makes it easy to slip away in a bag for easy travel. There are several other gag vibrators in this line such as “Crotch,” “Quick Lay,” and “Toot-z-Pole,”  Sale of the Toot-z-Pole Massager has been discontinued at Eden Fantasys. Out of all of them, I found the Now & Again Massager to be the most tactful.

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