Best Of Best Womens Erotica 2

this review was originally posted on nichole’s site on October 21 2010

just a little note: I haven’t ever wrote a erotic book review before, and after while you’ll see me write my first porn dvd review as well. I have been trying to mix it up a little. So I hope I do this book justice in my review, seeing as how it is my first erotic book review!

Thanks to Babeland I have gotten to mix up my collection of sex toys, and  now we are expanding into erotica! I had never had a collection of erotica, just a few books that had some dirty little pieces in them. Now I have my first, Best of Best Women’s Erotica 2 edited by Violet Blue!

I am a person that does watch porn, but I have always enjoyed reading a little something dirty as well. An odd thing with me is when I read erotica, I can read guy/girl sittuations. If i’m watching porn I prefer girl on girl…odd? probably so, but that is the way that I am!

I really have enjoyed this book, and I plan to be able to pull it out when I need a little inspiration to get satisfaction!There are 21 stories in a nice 221 pages of stories. There is also a blurb about each author in the back of the book.

The best thing about this book is the variety of stories that you get! There were stories about dirty phone calls, a guy paying a girl to give her oral pleasure, and even an story that I found a little odd, it was about peter pan, wendy and tinkerbell!

I think that the 21 stories that were picked, were a good fit for this collection. I know that if I were picking I wouldn’t even know where to begin to piece together such a variety of stories. There is also a little synopsis about why each story was picked and/or what that individual piece is about. That is pretty handy if you are maybe looking for something in particular!

The stories are of varying length, and you have some for when you want to get there fast, and some when you might want to take a little bit of time. Variety, like I always reiterate is the spice of life my friends.

I can’t pick a favorite out of these stories. Each one seemed to just be “right” and there weren’t any in particular that I had to skip over or that I wouldn’t read again.I mentioned before that I do find the story called Fly a little odd because it was about fictional disney characters. I’m not saying that I didn’t like it, but for some reason in my world, it was a little strange!

In all, I think that the editor did an awesome job at piecing these stories together, and I hope to expand my erotica collection further.( maybe I need to find part 1? lol)

If you are looking for a nice collection of a variety of erotica be sure to check The Best of Best Womens Erotica 2 at Babeland! I am pretty sure you will find a little something (or more) that you will like!

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