When I get the chance to review an item that i’m lusting after, I get really excited! One such item that presented itself to me recently is the Buzzlet which you can find at Good Vibrations, along with many other Vibrators & Sex Toys!!

Here are some of the technical things directly from the goodvibes site!

Buzzlet Rechargeable Waterproof Vibrator
Black/White, Frost/White, Pink/White, or Violet/White ABS plastic and Medical-grade silicone
4″ x 1″ (10cm x 2.5cm)

*of course I got mine in pink* (you knew that right? 😉 )
At first glance, I am telling you this thing reminds me of one of those fishing bobber lure things! (David, my husband agrees)! I think that just makes it more unique,and i’m ALL about things being unique!

I have collected over 25 vibrators, and i’m getting to the point where i’m a little bit “picky” when it come to what impresses me!This Vibrator didn’t have any problems in that department!
The buzzlet is for all intents and purposes a CLITORIAL vibrator, which will always be my personal favorite, because that is the only type of stimulation that has ever really brought me to an orgasm!

Everyone knows I have a packaging fetish, and when something is packaged in a nice package that can be saved I will save it. The buzzlet would fall into this category. It comes in a black box with a picture of the buzzlet on the top. When you open it up you will find a small card with instructions and the buzzlet down in a removable plastic tray. You will also find the charger there as well!

That’s right! Your buzzlet is RECHARGEABLE!! How awesome is that? This vibe is rechargable by an Induction Charger …Simply lay your buzzlet color side down(white side up). The charger is in two pieces: a base and a plug. simply attatch the two together and plug into the wall and you’ll be good to go!

While the Buzzlet is charging a light will flash on the buzzlet. when the buzzlet is done charging the light will glow steadily. It is recommended that to fully charge the buzzlet you charge it for 10 hrs, according to the paper that comes with it.I just plugged in when I went to bed and got it off in the morning, so i’m not sure that 10hrs would be entirely what you need to charge it, unless maybe it was totally dead.

The buzzlet also has the small factor going on for it. You can just put it in something like your purse and go…It doesn’t weigh alot or take up alot of room.
Now how well does the buzzlet do it’s job? Very well, I have to say. It has 3 speeds and 5 Patterns for you to choose from!

The Control for this vibe is a push button, that I can’t honestly say is easy. You have to really press down to get this vibe to come on, and to change your speeds & patterns. I tried to do it with my finger nail but it made a stab mark on the button :( You just have to be firm. To turn off the vibe once you are using it you have to press down extra firm.It is a little bit of a pain in the butt, but once you get used to it, it isn’t so bad.

In all I am very satisfied with the buzzlet, and I have made it a special home with my toys that have awesome packaging & don’t suck section :) So if your looking for a cute,tiny,rechargeable, decent vibrator check out the buzzlet!

Thanks to Goodvibes for allowing me to review this in exchange for my honest opinion. I really Appreaciate It!

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