Crash Pad #4 Ropeburn

this review was originally posted on nichole’s site on October 27 2010

Sidenote:This review is one of the hardest I have ever tried to write, for the simple fact, I haven’t ever wrote about a DVD before! Especially, not an adult dvd! so bare with me, it was really difficult for me for some reason!

When it comes to porn, I can only watch girl & girl action. I can’t stand to watching guy/girl action for the simple fact I sit there and critique the guys moves. I’m sorry but I just don’t find it very realisitc.I mean seriously where in the heck can you find guys that flexible? lol not it my world apparently! (but now if you do know where to find one send him my way! lol) Recently Babeland let me have the chance to review a Dvd called Crash Pad Series #4: Rope burn Like I say, lately I have been wanting to try things other than a sex toy to mix it up.

Description from Babeland The Crash Pad adult DVD series is unquestionably some of the hottest (and most popular) lesbian porn out there, and Volume 4: Rope Burn is no exception. Director Shine Louise Houston manages, once again, to raise the standard for lesbian porn; here, she’s selected only the most searing and provocative scenes of bondage, delectable domination, and sweet submission. As with all Crash Pad films, the chemistry is undeniably electric, thanks to a cast including Dallas and Tricksie Treat. You asked for it, and you got it: the infamous Crash Pad is back, and just as scorching as ever.

It sounded appealing,to me, and David & I are always looking to expand our collection! I am rather into bdsm as well sooo.. I figured this would be a good choice.

When we set out to watch it,David didn’t like the dvd at all. He ended up popping it out and putting something else in. I ended up watching it a little at a time on my own, and I found a scene that I enjoyed. The thing about this dvd that really turned us both off, was it wasn’t the girly girly type of porn. It had several scenes that included guyish kind of girls, and that really isn’t our thing.

The only scene that I can say that i enjoyed was a scene where the girl is smoking a cigarette and she gets into trouble with the other girl. I almost don’t even like that scene because the girl really needs to shave under her arms!

I do have to agree with the description though, it does seem that all of the people have good chemistry together. They are believable encounters. Also,I will say this least this dvd has realistic looking girls in it. They aren’t all skinny twigs and they aren’t heavily made up.

In all I wasn’t really happy with this dvd, but sometimes it happens like that! It wasn’t all bad, I did find a scene to enjoy. If you are the type of person that enjoys girl & girl action and some bd&sm i would advise that you check it out. I am sure that you will at least enjoy watching a portion of the dvd. Im sure everyone isn’t as critical of these things as I am!

this item was provided to me from for my honest opinion!

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