Death By Orgasm: The Vampire Vibe

this is a review of a sex toy. if you are under 18 (21 in some states) or it would offend you to read this review please don’t read it!!

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I was very excited to get to review this from Good Vibrations Sex Toys! It just seemed to be a very appropriate vibrator for this time of the year!

The Death By Orgasm:The Vampire
Vibe came in a black coffin shaped metal tin, and comes with 6 batteries (3 inside the vibe and enough for refill) I always love when things come with batteries, and especially when they come with extras! It was even lined with red velvet type material.

The Tin is a novelty in its self. It says some very cute things on the outside… I swear I am such a sucker for awesome packaging!
-bat-teries included
-this product does not contain garlic
– holy waterproof
these things just made me smile :)

The vibe its self is tiny, bullet type vibe. It solid black (of course!)It is a velvety texture. It is fairly simple to operate: you just push a button on the bottom. There are 3 speeds, which I really though was neat, because I had never encountered a discreet vibe with more than one speed before!

The first speed was WHOA powerful. I was really shocked…and it just got more intense from there. I could definitely say if your a person who doesn’t like strong vibrations, then this probably isn’t the vibe for you!

It is a little buzzy, especially on the highest setting. Which didn’t really bother me in the least. I just wouldn’t recommend it if you were with someone who you didn’t want to know that you were using it.

The Vampire Vibe is one to for sure to add to your collection. If you are a vampire fan, a goth person, or just want it for the seasonal really is worth the purchase. It works great and I am exceptionally satisfied with it :)

*helpful hint…be sure to put the vibrator in the tin with the push button going the right way or it will come on in the tin! that would be with the push button towards the batteries.

This item was provided to me free for my honest review from goodvibes

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