Foreplay Ice Bullet

1-2-AJ-1012Ahh. Summertime. Not really my favorite time of the year to tell you the truth! (like you couldn’t tell with the name AUTUMN rain right? Lol) However, I make the best of it! I live in the south so we are already into those days where it’s 100 in the shade and all that good stuff. That’s the reason when I saw the California Exotic Novelties Foreplay Ice Chill vibrating ice massager available for review from good vibrations sex toys, I had to try it out.

Now, I won’t lie. At first I didn’t realize it was California exotic novelties.I am however getting over to my adversion to California exotic novalties however!

I had to save this one up till we started getting some warm weather, which kind of was coming and going there for a little while. However the last week or so it hasn’t been cool in the least, and with our upstairs being so hot (but not as hot as the apt over n across that we used to live at) I was really interested in giving this one a go! (Oh if you don’t know the joys of living in an 30-40 year old flat roofed townhouse you cannot even imagine the heat sometimes..)

The Foreplay Ice chill comes in your typical California exotics novelties packaging.. (read boring) just a box that shows the enlarged picture of vibe, a girls stomach and undies with ice .. the back shows you the 3 pieces of the toy, and some instructions and the like.

Inside the box you will find a silver bullet vibe, a instruction booklet, the base and the “bulb” part of the toy and some of those little N batteries (I believe that’s what they are) ! Before we go any further lets talk about the components of your bulb & base. They are made of silicone. Also, this toy is waterproof!

It is very simple to make your toy become the ice toy! You just fill up the white siclicone base with water to the line, slip in the pink bulb and put it in your freezer. When you take it out, you loosen the white base off and voila you have ice frozen on the bulb! Then you can insert the silver bullet vibe and have some fun.. Really you could have fun with or without the vibe. Or you could even use the bullet separate. Options…what fun!!

{Personally I used the icey part to dab on myself while watching ej and brady on days of our lives :) lol

Or even just on hot days when I am am scorching hot, I love when these things are able to be used even non sexually lol)

I haven’t had a lot of experience with temperature play so this one was extra special fun for me. Made all that hot n sweaty action be more.. exotic! RAWR lol. The bullet vibe is a little difficult for me to feel through the actual bulb & ice it’s self. It can be felt, but not very strongly in my opinion. There are 3 speeds to the bullet, so you have options there as well.

I really have enjoyed the many options with this toy, and even more so the fact that they don’t have to be sexual. Also, you kind of have a 3 in one deal! You have a frozen bulb, a bullet vibe or you can put them together

I am glad that I have decided to come around to California exotics novelties and that this toy has turned into something special for me! It should be lots of fun this summer for sure!

thanks to the folks at goodvibes for allowing me to review this item in exchange for my honest opinion

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