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Last summer I tried my first set of vaginal balls which frankly scared the beejesus out of me, and I didn’t even know what they were at first. I frantically tweeted and asked people’s opinions on them and all that good stuff.

Now, I have a little bit better knowledge, and I thought since Babeland had the Je Joue Ami up for review that I could expand my realm a little bit so to speak.

Vaginal balls or in this case, it would be better to say vaginal exercisers …are the …well.. they are really awesomesauce ya’all! I mean with the experience that I have had there is no need for a newbie to them to be scared. Slather them in lube and it’s just like inserting a tampon.

Why would you want to use vaginal exercisers you might ask? Well there are a few. They can help with your orgasms, they can make you feel more “tight” to your male partner. They can even help you with bladder control, pregnancy (using them before your pregnant can help with delivery), and even during menopause! For more information, you can read the enclosed book that comes with the Je Joue Ami! There are also various exercises that you can use with your Ami

This review has been a little while in the making because the Je Joue Ami comes with 3 different vaginal exercisers for you to try out, and I wanted to work my way up to wearing the very last one before I wrote this review.

Packaging is awesome, it’s Je Joue for goodness sakes. It came in a purple cardboard box with a nice harder black box inside. This box is perfect for keeping them in, says Je Joue and has a ribbon closure.(thanks to ups my outside box was smooshed pretty bad, and it left a tiny dent on the corner of the decorative box. This wasn’t babeland’s fault by any means!)

The exercisers themselves are a nice shade of purple. The come in 3 different “shapes” and weights as well. They are cleverly named the 1,2 and 3. J. They are made out of silicone so you should use a water based lube to help you with insertion.

The Ami 1, or your starting out point for all intents and purposes is in my opinion the biggest scariest looking (but lightest) of them all. It is simply a ball shape, and if I had to compare it to a real life object I’d say golf ball.

The Ami 2, the middle of the road, is two ball shapes with a narrow bar between them.

The Ami 3 looks similar to the Ami 2, just with smaller balls and a very noticeable weigh difference!

The Ami are very functional, whether you are doing kegals with them, or just wearing them around the house (or wherever you want to wear them) they are very unnoticeable! One really nice thing about these are the variety and the ability to change them as you wish. Also, they have very long and stretchy cords that make retrieval easy and less scary!

I have to warn you though, you probably wouldn’t realize that when you sneeze how many muscles you will feel down there when you have your exercisers in, and also you might want to take them out when you go to the bathroom! (You don’t have to, but in my experience they get kind of loose when I go!)

In all I am VERY satisfied with the Je Joue Ami , and I recommend that anyone looking to purchase vaginal exercisers check them out at babeland. The price is amazing, for 39 bucks you get this kind of quality and more than one! There are just too many benefits to using them as well. I give them 2 thumbs waayyy up.

thanks to babeland for the chance to review this item in exchange for my honest opinion!

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