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The Jopen Vanity Vr9 is a “luxury” vibrator and I was really excited to get the chance to review it from babeland recently.

I am glad that I had already tried this item before I found out that Jopen and Cal Exotics Novelties are the same company from my friend The Bedroom Blogger. I am *not* a big fan of Cal Exotics Novelties as a general rule (I have a couple of items from them that I like, but for the most part..not a fan)

The Jopen Vanity Vr9 comes in a white cardboard box with a lid. The box has a huge purple V on it and it tells you which vibe is inside. On the back is a picture of the vibe, and some information about it as well. It isn’t the BEST packaging, but again, it isn’t the worst either. I think if you wanted to save it because you are a package whore (like me. I keep like..EVERYTHING’ packaging..pretty much) that you would be fine to do so.

I think Jopen takes it a little bit far with trying to show that they “luxury”. I say this because, when you first open up the box there is a piece of VELLUM with information on the VANITY line of vibrators! I mean it’s fine but I don’t recall ever having a vellum advertisement on top of my toy right in my face when I open it up! (I have had vellum on top of some items that would be plain).

Underneath your vellum advertisement, you will find the toy nestled into a piece of cardboard. Underneath that you will find a booklet with pictures of all of the VANITY line with descriptions of their various parts. You will also find a rather large storage bag (love extras!!) that says Jopen on it and the charger for this vibe! (yup it is rechargeable!)

The Jopen Vr 9 has these features: Rechargeable, made of premium silicone, dual motors, waterproof, one year warranty, unscented, whisper quiet, security travel lock, ergonomically designed to just name a few.

It is shipped as locked so you have to press both of the buttons at the same time for 4 seconds to unlock it. To fully charge this vibrator will take about 4 hours. The buttons correspond to the end that is closest to that button (since there are 2 separate motors) To increase the speed of vibrations long press ..and then to turn them of just tap the button again.

Both of these ends can be inserted into your vagina, but the narrowest end is the one more suited for g-spot stimulation. The larger end in my opinion is more fun for clitorial stimulation, but that is just my opinion! It is quite powerful

The vibrator is pretty amazingly quiet, I do have to say. One thing though that I wouldn’t be so sure about is that it says that this vibrator is waterproof. The only reason I’m skeptical, is because there is no protection for your charge port, it’s just open. I was really careful when cleaning the toy because I was a bit worried about that implication maybe not being so true.

In all I think that the Jopen Vanity vr9 is a exceptionally nice vibrator, I’m just not sure that it is nice enough to be boasting a 145 price tag! As I stated before though I’m glad I learned that cal exotics and jopen are the same after the fact, because I fully believe that for this review, I wouldn’t have been able to be so open to trying it/ liking it!

In the end I agree that it is an pretty spiffy toy, and I look forward to maybe trying to use it some more to find my elusive g-spot

If you’re looking for a rather nifty dual motored g-spot vibe with options you have found your match in this vibe and you should go to babeland and check into getting yourself one!


thanks to the great folks over at babeland for letting me have the opportunity to review this vibe in exchange for my honest opinion!

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