Pop Plug Small

img courtesy of babeland.com

img courtesy of babeland.com

There have been two things that I have always been interested in but reluctant to try. One was the vaginial balls that I reviewed last year …and the second was a butt plug. Thanks to babeland I recently got the chance to try one of those in lieu of my favorite item vibrators

The Doc Johnson Pop plugs were just too cute to pass up. I swear you start flashing something pink at me and I’m almost always down to try it!

The plugs are available in small, medium and large. Being as I do not have a lot of experience with anal play (and even what I did have has been long ago.) I decided to go with the small and work my way up, which I figure was a good rule of thumb, that way I could at least get some sort of enjoyment out of it. If it had been too large It wouldn’t have worked out at all.
Not only do I have a softspot for things that are pink, but I adore Doc Johnson products …I haven’t found one yet that didn’t float my boat 

The packaging is your standard sort of doc Johnson packaging, a simple plastic box, in which you can see the plug through. It tells that it is a size small, perefect starter, one piece and is made out of premium silicone. Silicone is just the best! And it means that you should use an Water Based lube,in case you didn’t know!
I have to say that after trying this out, that small was def. the way to go for me. I know that when I first was trying to pick it out I almost picked a medium and that would have been a mistake! David told me when it first came that it “looked like my size” lol.

I have enjoyed the new realm of possibilities that have came with owning my first butt plug, and I highly suggest that if your looking to start out that you check one out yourself! They are very inexpensive for a beginner to try, and range from 15 bucks for the small to 21 for the large.

And one more awesome thing about this plug before I end this review..the ring on the end of it makes the removal of the plug VERY easy :)

Thanks to babeland for the awesome opportunity to review this item in exchange for my honest opinion!

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