sweetheart duck

sweetheartduckieI recently got to experience getting sent the wrong toy from good vibes, but I tell you this, because it was a great experience! They simply sent me a return label and sent me the correct item right away! I have worked with companies in the past that want you to have to pay the shipping even though it is defective/their mistake and I was happy to find that good vibrations sex toys are not those kind of people.

I received the sweetheart I rub my duckie. This thing is one of the cutest vibrators I have ever had the pleasure to get to review. I have always wanted one of the rub my duckie’s and this one was just extra special. He is white, has a crystal nose and a feather boa! (It would probably be a great idea to take off his detatchable boa when you are using him).

The packaging on this duckie is just the sweetest ever! He comes in a heard plastic heart container with a base that you can use to sit him up, but the base is rather flimsy. That still leaves you the heart container to store him in though if you wish!

This duck is unlike the normal rub my duckies also, because he is white and not yellow.

To insert the batteries, you should use something like a coin to twist off the battery cover on the underside of your duck. He only takes 1 AAA battery as well.

To turn him on, you simply twist the dial ..he has only one setting. I found him to be quite loud,and honestly he’s so cute, it made me feel weird to be using a duck for a vibrator lol.

I think one of the best selling points on the duck, is that you can honestly leave him out in plain view, and no one would know that he was just wasn’t a decoration. For example I have an entire duck theme in my bathroom at times. I can’t wait till I put them back out, and I can sit him there..and no one will know.

If your looking for a very cute, very discreet vibe he’s your guy!

thanks to the folks at goodvibes for allowing me to review this item in exchange for my honest opinion

also apologize for taking a little longer than normal on getting this one up!

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