Toyfriend Seti

1-2-BA-1104I have been lusting after a toyfriend vibrator for quite some time. I really couldn’t decide which one I wanted because they all seem so very awesome. Thanks to good vibrations sex toys, I got to review the toyfriend seti!

When It comes to vibrators, I am all about the clit stimulation! I mean I try my hand at some G-Spot vibes, but the clit vibes are a sure fire thing for the most part for me. It just seems to depend on the vibrations how long it will take me to get the big O , or in some cases not!

The Toyfriend Seti comes in a basic cardboard box with a window in the front where you can see the vibrator. It is blue in color ,and a very pretty shade of blue at that! The toyfriend itself is actually inside of a piece of plastic that you can slide out of the outer box. The outer box boasts batteries included! (always a plus). On the back there is very helpful information about your new toyfriend!

The toyfriend not only comes with batteries (2 AAA) but it also is made out of premium silicone, has 5 vibration modes, waterproof and is quite powerful and powerful! I must say at this point..what is not to love ? J and that I do agree with the powerful part, but maybe not the quiet part so much.

The toyfriend seti has a nubby for you to press against your clit, which is very helpful for that kind of stimulation!

The one disadvantage that I found was that the motor to make the vibrations is located in the base and there isn’t one in the actual “appendage” that you would press against your clit.. Not a huge disadvantage but if it did have a second motor in that area, I think it would be a improvement that could be made.

All together the setti is cute, powerful and has a nice range of speeds and vibrations! I think that this toy would be extra cute for a first timer since it has this message about how a toy can be your friend and all that good stuff :) It is just a very positive message for someone who might be on the fence about how to feel about their toys :)

thanks to good vibrations sex toys for allowing me the chance to review this in exchange for my honest opinion

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