Dual Action Hummingbird

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Can a girl have too many vibrators? I am beginning to think that the answer to that question is a big fat NO!! Thanks to MyPleasure, I got the chance to try out a nifty vibrator called the Dual Action Hummingbird from California Exotic Novelties One reason I was really intrigued by this toy was the fact that it wasn’t a rabbit vibe. I really haven’t ever had any type of luck with a rabbit vibe.

Anyways I am seriously coming around on my whole California exotics sucks stance, largely in part because of this vibe.

The vibrator comes in your standard California exotics novelties packaging, which I seriously think needs to be updated! Just a cardboard box..nothing special…I would like to say that this is a pretty pricey cal exotics vibrator (though it is on sale right now at a really decent price) they could kick it up a notch and give you a storage bag! I have mine stuck in Crown Royal bag!

Oh an a random fact. If you lay the vibe on top of the picture of the vibe on the box, it’s the same size! Ha ha.

The vibrator is a lot bigger than what I thought it was going to be! It is massive!!! 9.75” insertable: 5.75” by 1.5” (obviously I didn’t pay a lot attention to all that to start with lol). What stood out the most to me was the largeness of the hummingbird part! I think he might be as big as a real one! J

The clearness of the vibrator is awesome because you can see all the components that make it up! IT is made out of clear TPR, which is a very flexible material. There are some touches of silver in this toy, the inside beads are silver and there are some silver glitter flakes in the bird, the bottom, and the battery chamber. There is also white throughout the entire thing. It is really a pretty vibe!

It has 5 intensity levels and 3 functions (pulsation, rotation, vibration) Because the power button is separate you can turn it off at any point!

The hummingbird dual action vibrator takes 4 AA batteries! The battery compartment is located at the bottom and is pretty easy to maneuver and insert your batteries. Your control panel is also on the bottom where the batteries go. You have 5 buttons to control the vibrator. Like I mentioned before your power button is separate, you have a F button in the middle with 2 arrow buttons on the right, and 2 arrows on the left.

Now I hope I don’t get too awful confusing to you trying to explain the controls. I am gonna try to keep it basic! The left side of the arrows controls your speed of the actual vibrator, and the right controls your humming bird. That’s as basic as I can be. If I try to explain the rest I’ll get confused and so will you. It isn’t that hard to figure out actually! Just hitting function again will change the movement for that portion of the vibe!

One thing that made this vibe extra special awesome is the size of the hummingbird. He can really get in there and stimulate your whole outside area! I haven’t really had that type of coverage before!

So what did I think of the hummingbird vibe as a whole. I LOVED IT! I am VERY picky about sticking things inside of me, other than the hubs. I’m almost always an external vibe gal. this one mixed it up for me quite nicely. You have everything going at one time for you and it’s really really nice. The patterns and speeds are nice. The beads didn’t jam for me. Awesome. Just know that this toy is NOT waterproof!

In all I think that if you don’t really like the rabbit style vibes, but you are looking for a nice dual action vibe this one would be a great one to get! The Dual Action Hummingbird is currently on sale from 114.95 down to 45.98!!! Treat yourself to one today from MyPleasure

thanks to mypleasure for letting me review this item in exchange for my honest opinon!

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