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Most toys I get are made out things like silicone, and the like. I recently got the chance to review my first METAL toy from MyPleasure , and well…I couldn’t pass up the opportunity! I kept thinking it would be fun to just feel the coolness and/or warmness aspect when it was time to play with it. I wasn’t disappointed

The Europa vibrator made by tybo is simply gorgeous! It is red & silver and honestly it reminds me of a lava lamp! I can’t really tell you why, that is just what it reminds me of! It might be because the top part & bottom part are silver and the color in the middle. Or it might even be because it has end caps on it, and when the bottom one is on there, it can actually stand up. Either way, that’s my opinion of what it looks like lol. In other words if it were just laying around your room, I doubt the first thought someone would have (if they noticed it) would be that it was a sex toy.

The Packaging for the Europa is a black box which simply says tybo on the top. There is an inner box inside that is felt lined black with a cutout spot for the europa to fit in. I supposed if your like me and a you’re a package freak, it would be just fine to hold on to for storage of the toy. (I am a package freak as we all know, so mines living in it’s box when it isn’t in use J )

The europa only has 1 speed, which is not a bad thing! I have a bad habit of finding one speed even on a multi speed or patterned vibe and then never changing! (Yes.I am Nichole. I am Odd. Lol)

As far as speed I think it packs a nice powerful punch,especially to be controlled by 1 AAA battery! It is also pretty darn quiet as well! And the control is really simple. I mean honestly, it couldn’t get more simple than just pushing the bottom of the toy to turn it on and then again to turn it off.

The battery is easy to install. You just simply twist off the bottom base and put it in, and screw it back on. I love when it doesn’t take a act of congress or a guy to figure out the battery installation lol

If you are looking for a vibrator that is small, easy to conceal, unique in looks, powerful and quiet you’ll find your match with the europa!

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