Silicone Teddy Buddy

img courtesy of mypleasure

I recently got to review a really cute toy thanks to MyPleasure! It is called the Purple Silicone Teddy Buddy, and it is absolutely adorable.

The Teddy buddy is a micro vibrator He didn’t come in any special packaging, just a clear baggie. He also came with the batteries that you need (4 watch batteries). The toy is actually a standard one speed bullet vibe and a teddy bear shaped sleeve that slides on it.

The silicone teddy buddy is obviously from the name, made out of silicone, which makes him very soft, and the enclosed bullet vibe is waterproof, so you can definitely take him to the tub if you want to. The vibrations actually spread quite nicely through the body of the bear, but are more concentrated in his head. He is an outie toy, but if you wanted to use lube, you would want to use a water based one.

Sometimes I feel a little odd using an innocent looking toy for naughty purposes. In the case of our friend the Teddy buddy, you can use him in more places other than your naughty spots! You can use him to massage your neck and shoulders among other places! You can even put massage oil on him for these uses!

I think that he would make an awesome toy for a first time person, because he is so non threatening looking, and very easy to use. You simply slip the bullet vibe into the bear sleeve, insert your batteries and push a button! How very simple! Or if you just want to use him as a bullet vibe you have that option as well.

This another one of those ones that would be easy to tote with you on a trip, I mean.. you see a teddy bear..unless you really start messing with him you probably wouldn’t know that he is a vibrator. Plus he is small enough to throw in your purse if you wished to do so.

I like vibrators that you can’t tell are vibrators by first glance. I am positive he was lying on my dresser when my mom was over, and I know she probably saw him, and didn’t think anything of him! I also know my neighbor came over and was checking on sam while we were out of town, and I’m sure she saw him as well!

In all I recommend you check out the Silicone Teddy Buddy if you’re looking for a cute bullet vibe with decent vibrations & multiple uses to add to your collection! Also, if you’re a first timer and a little bit weary of toys, he’ll be your friend I promise!!

i received this item from mypleasure in exchange for my honest opinion.

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