Intimate Organics Discover G-Spot Stimulating Gel

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Originally Posted At: Beanfiddlers in July 2011

Author: Beanfiddler

I much prefer products with natural ingredients to those that are full of chemicals, but let’s face it, any sort of lubricant or stimulating gel is going to have chemicals. These products would have no shelf life without them. However, when I can use a product that is more natural, I will. This is where Intimate Organics’ Discover G-Spot Stimulating Gel comes in.

Intimate Organics has a line of personal pleasure products that uses more natural ingredients than your average bear. Being fond of clit stimulation gels, but never having tried a g-spot gel, I was excited to try Discover.

As this was my first experience with g-spot gel, I was very curious. I decided to lube up one of my favorite glass dildos (as yet to be reviewed), pop some Discover on the tip and rub it on up against my g-spot.

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