Fetish Fantasy Series Chopstick Slapper

img courtesy of nymph.ness

Originally Posted at: nymph.ness in July 2011

Author: Nymph.Ness

This flagellation device is similar to a birching rod in how it is made from two pieces of bamboo bound together. This rod isn’t as harsh as an actual bamboo cane, but still has a very satisfying impact.

The rod is 24 inches long and is reasonably light. The bamboo is bound with rope and is designed to have an oriental look that resembles chopsticks. It is the perfect accessory for those intending to have a Japanese themed bondage session, especially if shibari rope is involved. The bamboo is very smooth; though I did find a few splinters between the two pieces of wood, because these are situated between the wood, they are unlikely to cause your submissive any harm. The handle is very easy to grip, and adding security is a rope wrist loop.

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