Les Petites Culottes Panties

Originally Posted At: True Pleasures in Aug 2011

Author: True Pleasures

Made by the French lingerie line, Maison Close, Les Petites Culottes Panties are adorable sheer panties with a delicately accented trim and a naughty/nice message for whatever mood you’re in. “Divine” is a very pale peachy pink, while “Infernal” is black. Each are adjustable via satin ribbon ties.

Material: Polyester, cotton, elastic

Size: Fits hips 25″-65″ (side tie/bow)


“Divine” has many definitions, “heavenly” or “celestial” being two of them. The Divine Panty has a sweet lolita look to me. It’s ever so slightly gothic with the peachy pink to soften it. It’s perfect for a subtle feminine look. When I first tried it on, I knew it would be a perfect addition to my French maid costume.


“Infernal” didn’t really have the best connotation to me, in the beginning. The first thing I though of was someone asking what that infernal racket was.  There are a number of definitions including: hellish, fiendish, diabolical, troublesome, and annoying.

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