Tantus Alumina

Originally Posted At: Beanfiddlers in Aug 2011

Author: Beanfiddler

Tantus is well-known for their yummy silicone sex toys, but did you know they also have a line of aluminum toys as well? My first introduction to the Alumina line is the Tantus Alumina Revolve from FunWares.

The Tantus Alumina Revolve is made of solid aeronautical aluminum that has been anodized to resist corrosion and wear. It is a beautiful shiny purple with a black plastic o-ring in the middle of the dildo. The Revolve is 8″ long, 1 3/8″ in diameter at its widest, and weighs eight ounces. Both sides are insertable and it unscrews in the middle. This allows you to swap pieces with any of the other Tantus Alumina dildos, if you are lucky enough to have more than one, or want to trade with your friends.

Though aluminum is not as heavy as stainless steel, the Tantus Revolve still has a good heft to it and probably could be used as a small weapon.

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