Astrovibes Aries Review by twisted finger

Originally Posted At: Kisses And Kinks in August 2011

Author: Twisted Finger

I purchased this vibrator a few months ago. I was very excited by the novel concept of having a vibe that corresponded to my astrological sign. The cynic in me couldn’t help but think it was gimmicky, since I place little or no faith in astrology, but I’m a sucker for novelty. As for the cuteness factor, I think I’m spoiled, or perhaps I was born under a lucky sign. ;) My personal opinion is that the Aries vibe is by far the cutest in the line.

There’s a vibrator that corresponds to each sign of the zodiac, and Eden Fantasys carries all of them except for the Sagittarius and Libra vibes. I’m not sure why they don’t, but if you’re curious, here’s some info on the missing vibes.

The Sagittarius vibe  looks like a glorified pointy penis. My guess is that it’s supposed to look like an arrow?

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