Condoms for a cause sampler (kisses and kinks)

Originally Posted at: Kisses and Kinks in Aug 2011

Author: kisses and kinks

Do you like supporting companies that donate funding towards a good cause? Do you use condoms? Do you support safe sex?

If you said yes to any of the preceding questions (unless you have a latex allergy), I highly recommend getting the Condoms for a Cause Sampler from Babeland, a woman-friendly and sex positive company. It’s a simple way to keep you and the one(s) you love (or the one(s) you love to shag) safe from sexually transmitted infections or unplanned pregnancy.

Another suggestion for these condoms is using them for your toys. They’re great for keeping things clean. I happen to be lazy and this makes clean up faster. Using condoms on your toys is an especially good idea if you have toys that aren’t as safe in quality, such as rubber, jelly, orTPR. If using lube for any of these condoms, use only a water-based lubricant.

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