Fukuoku 9000 by kisses and kinks

Originally Posted At: Kisses and Kinks in Aug 2011

Author: Kisses and Kinks

Upon first glance, the Fukuoku 9000 looks like a robotic device or an android appendage (which maybe it is), but flip the side switch of this right-hand oriented, watch-battery-operated device, and you’ll get strong buzzy vibes eking in from the device through your fingertips. This massager is phthlate free and comes with two watch batteries which operate the massager. I got this futuristic vibe from Babeland, a woman-friendly, sex-positive sex toy company.

The Fukuoku 9000 comes with three textured vibration sleeves and a carrying case which has a belt loop (don’t ask, I wouldn’t wear this in public either). Ironically, the carrying case holds the emblem “FuZuoku 9000” rather that than “Fukuoku 9000” which I can only blame on a manufacturer’s error.

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