Spareparts Pete Packer Underwear Brief Review by mistress kay

Originally Posted at: kinky world in aug 2011

Author: mistress kay

The Pete Packer Underwear Brief is a packing cock harness sold by Babeland Toys and made by Spareparts Hardwear. The harness comes in Small through 3XL sizes, and ti’s made from 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex. The packing harness gives the ability to have the packer directly against the skin or have it covered, and it works as a Stand To Pee harness as well.

The packaging us very basic, but it’s also very helpful. This packing cock harness comes in a plastic, resealable bag. The underwear can easily be removed from the packaging, and on the back-side, there’s information about the size chart as well as a page of instructions on the optional features of the harness as well as how to use it. The bag can be resealed and used for long-term storage of the underwear if you’d like, but I’ll just be keeping mine in my underwear drawer.

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