yes, I am behind again…

*bad nichole*

I am yet again behind with grits-reviews, and as always I have to say i’m sorry! thank you all for being so paitent, friendly and active!! I just lobes you all to pieces! hopefully come fall i’ll get better. I tend to do better durring football season for some reason lol.

I don’t know how many of you read my personal blog (you should though.i’m cool. I swear lol) (twitter @xxpollypocket..i haven’t been very twittery lately though) but the reason i’m wonked out this time around is actually because my husband’s hours have changed at work..and the schedule change has totally screwed me up. …

I have major sleep issues anyways , and getting up at 4:45 to take him to meet his ride for work(he’s working an hour a way now..a group of them including my dad all ride a company truck together) is screwing me up majorly…by the time i get a little awake it’s time to pick him up at 6:00 p.m…and by the time we eat and do a few things we have to go to bed…

anyways, i’m gonna do my best to at least auto schedule everything submitted this point. I keep saying i’m gonna do that and never do…I just like to be able to tweet them on the grits-twitter is all. ..which they will go through triberr if i schedule carefully enough..also I can always go back and do it later ..but with my mind frame lately who knows if i would remember lol.

so don’t feel like i’m ignoring you. i’m pretty much ignoring everything including the housework..meh!

ps:if you want to join an awesome NON ADULT *we have an adult section though* message board check out Veracity if you click that link and join you should be able to sign up with me as your referance! or just look for pollypocket. it’s fun. i promise :) i’m a moderator there too! :)

pps: i’m off to find some really strong vitamin B or crash. it’s 6 a/m for godsake!

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