Pretty in Pastel by The Bedroom Blogger

Originally Posted At: A Bedroom blog in August 2011

Author: bedroom blogger

The Pretty-in-Pastel vibes are a new-ish release from Cal Exotics.  According to something I read in some random press release, they are geared toward “the more demure and feminine” ladies out there.

Well fuck.

Anyway…this vibrator is made of PU coated ABS plastic with a satin finish.  It’s got a little bit of drag but is not a magnet for lint and dog hair.  It comes in blue, pink and purple.  It is waterproof, runs on two AA batteries, and has three vibration speeds.  It’s just under six inches long and is an inch and a quarter in diameter.

The Pretty-in-Pastel vibrator in a hard toy…there is absolutely no give.  It’s basically shaped like a boring traditional vibrator, but it has an interesting embossed texture.  There is a little tattoo-looking swirl on either side of the toy.

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