Redbook’s Love Your Sex Life Review By Mistress Kay

Redbook’s Love Your Sex Life” is a hardcover book published by Hearst Books and sold by this sex toys store. As you can guess, it is written by Redbook Magazine (which is a women’s magazine that mostly focused on mid-life women) and is specifically written by Lisa Sussman. The book is a full-color book on the inside, but there aren’t any explicit pictures – there is just colored clipart. The book includes 7 chapters with 223 total pages. The book is a smaller size than average at about 7 inches tall and 5 inches wide and about an inch thick. The cover does say “Sex” on it, but it’s nothing explicit, so this book doesn’t have to be hidden quite as well as others.

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originally Posted at: Kinky world in August 2011

Author: Mistress Kay

The theme of this book is “The Busy Girl’s Guide to Getting Busy“, and, as you could guess, the book focuses on ways that a busy woman can get down to having, and enjoying, sex. Each one of the chapters really focuses on different ways that a woman can fit sex into a busy lifestyle.

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