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Originally Posted at: A Bedroom Blog in August 2011

Author: The Bedroom Blogger

I’m not big on “sexy” games.  Most lack creativity and are kind of cheesy.  You know…you walk into Spencer’s and see shelves full of that shit.  Dirty dice and naughty board games…no thanks.

The aptly named Sex Questions isn’t really a game…it is exactly what it sounds like.  A deck of cards, each one having a different question or command, designed to make you think and share a little bit about your love life.

When Babeland sent me Sex Questions, I’d already read a couple of reviews and thought they sounded like they could be kind of fun.  For a little bit of background info, I got these a couple months ago, around the same time the boyfriend and I were having a minor issue regarding naughty talk.  Not really dirty talk during sex…although we’ve had to work on that in the past as well…

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