zeus deluxe digital powerbox by Mistress Kay

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Originally Posted at: Kinky world in August 2011

Author: Mistress Kay

The Zeus Deluxe Digital Power Box is an electro-sex toy that resembles a TENS Unit and can be purchased from Tabu Toys. This set comes with everything you’d need to enjoy your first electro-sex experience. It has two leading cords, the three AAA batteries you need to run the set, four electrodes, and two cord winders. The Zeus Deluxe Digital Power Box has multiple modes of adjustment, and with the different accessories that can be used with it, the electro-sex capabilities can be used with different toys with no problem.

The packaging for the Zeus Deluxe Digital Power Box is pretty basic. It comes in a basic cardboard box that displays all of the features of the toy on it. It also, on the back, talks about what electrosex can do for you, and it talks about why electrosex can be pleasurable.

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