Papaya Punch: A NON ADULT! review by Pocket RockettZ

Originally Posted at: Pocket RockettZ in august 2011

Author: Pocket RockettZ

Being a stylist is hell on a girls nails.
I’m a penny pinching bargain hunter and go as low cost as I can with a lot of things, but polish is always a bad thing to bargain hunt for when your hard on your nail

I bought the stuff at wally world. It cost me less than the gas to get there I would guess, but look at the results.
I painted my nails in the morning before work and didn’t get a chance to put new polish on that night. It had already started to chip off.
By mid work day on day two I had nails like this.
My nails are stained bad from hair color too, so it isn’t like I can just strip it off and go natural.

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Note from nichole: I totally went SQUEE when I saw a non adult review submitted! :) Remember Grits takes all reviews, not just the adult ones!

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