Hustler Bang Bang Bullet by Mistress Kay

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Originally Posted At: Kinky World in August 2011

Author: Mistress Kay

The Hustler Bang Bang Bullet is a remote-controlled bullet made by Hustler. It is sold by Olympus Toys. It’s classified in their line as an “Intermediate” toy. The bullet is waterproof, and the bullet is about 3 inches long and wider than an average bullet. The remote is also about three inches long, and it’s much skinnier than the bullet. Both pieces are made from plastic, and the bullet includes a silicone retrieval cord. The batteries needed to operate the item are included with the toy.

The packaging for the Hustler Bang Bang Bullet is a lot larger than it needs to be. It’s a large, plastic box. The remote and the bullet both come in a tray that slides out from the box. The box is completely black and classy with a see-through window on the front to display the toy. Inside the packaging, there’s the bullet, the remote, and some instructions as well as the batteries for both.

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