Papaya Toys Tattoo by Mistress Kay

img courtesy of mistress kay

originally posted at kinky-world in september 2011

Author: Mistress kay

The Papaya Toys Tattoo is one of the four vibrators that Papaya Toys sells. The Tattoo comes in a purple, pink, a green color – you can pick your perfect color. The Tattoo is about eight and a half inches long, and it has a diameter of slightly over an inch and a half. The toy is made of 100% silicone, and it features a slightly bulbed head and tattoo designs on both sides of the toy. The Tattoo is waterproof and runs on two AA batteries.

I did a nicely directed (if I say so myself) overview of the Papaya Toys Tattoo vibrator that includes demonstrations of the controls, the waterproof functions, the flexibility, the size, and discussion about the features and packaging. Check it out on the Papaya Toys Tattoo vibrator review video.

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