Lelo Lyla with Sense Motion Technology!

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A few months back the great folks at lelo contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing a product from their new motion sense technology line, I quickly responded that I would be glad to!  I am sure you know that lelo is one of my favorite adult toy companies! I haven’t had anything from them that I can’t say something nice about. They are just top notch when it comes to luxury toys in my opinion!

I recived the lelo lyla to review, which is a bullet type of vibrator. The toy is rechargeable, and the actual remote works off of 2 AAA batteries.  It comes in your standard Lelo packaging: an outer black(cardboard) box with a faint picture of the toy on front, and on the back it tells you about the toy.

Inside you will also find the more “fancy” black box which is a sturdier type of cardboard. There is a velvety tray  that your goodies are resting on (and some are underneath!)  You will see a lelo insignia pin, your lyla, and your remote. There is a cardboard “flap” and under it you will find your user manual, your 1 year warranty, your lelo 10 year guarantee,a packet of lube(very nice little freebie) your charger, and a black satin storage bag! (also a nice freebie!) And lastly you even get 2 AA batteries for your remote!

So what is motion sense technology? Well the best way I can think to describe it is what ever the person with the toy part is feeling, you too can feel with the remote! Also, you don’t actually have to push the buttons on the remote. When you tilt your wrist it will control the vibrations and feelings, intensity and such! I hope that makes since? It is a very interactive technology and it was very fascinating to get to experience it!

To “work” your toy, you need to press the button on the actual bullet so that it is on. Then this is when the fun can begin! You also turn the remote on by holding down the middle button on the remote. The two other buttons can be used to work with your speeds and patterns. There are 8 all together! And you have the option to use the buttons or feel them yourself! Pretty cool huh? To turn them off you also need to do the long press and when the light goes off your toy will be off!

The lelo lyla is also waterproof, and of course as I mentioned rechargeable, which is always a plus! I am yet to use a toy in the tub, but I’m telling you one day I’m going to try it. As far as rechargeable, I am telling you it is awesome not to have to find batteries for every toy, or at least not every part of a toy in this case when you run out! Oh and made out of silicone , which is always good too!

I also want to touch on the fact that this thing is remote controlled, as in ..up to 39 ft away you can have some real fun with that if you were the adventurous type who goes out to a club or that type of thing!

I really enjoyed this toy for the patterns, speeds, and overall uniqueness of the sense motion technology. I also enjoy it because I know that it is designed with quality and it will be with me for a good while to enjoy! I look forward to getting to play with it more in the future, and explore it further! I am thinking it is going to be on its way to being another one of my favorites!

lelo provided me with this product for my honest opinions and fair review!

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