Minna Ola by Nymph. Ness

courtesy of nymph.ness

Originally Posted at: notes from the nymph.ness
Author:Nymph Ness
When I first heard about the Minna Ola, and how it used touch sensitive technology to form vibrations, I was more than a little intrigued. The Ola sounded like the most interesting advanced vibrator I had heard of in a long time; this led me to think it would be one of the most complex vibrators to use. Sure, there are new innovative vibrators being produced all the time – so often I feel innovative is overused in sex toy reviews – but a lot of the time, these new products have extremely fiddly controls, which aren’t user friendly. I like to be able to pick-up a toy and be able to use it as soon as it arrives, no waiting for it to charge, no fussing with instructions, no having to educate your partner once you’ve vaguely gotten to grips with the toy yourself.

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