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Author: Delilah

And that’s a fact. At least, for me. I got this vibrator on sale and it’s a damn good thing I did because it went out of stock shortly after, and then right after that it got discontinued. To be honest, I can’t imagine why – it’s a real good ride for 10$ ( sale price, mind you ) and the only reason why I didn’t start reviewing it sooner is because, after getting it from one of my lovely sex-toy sites, I was too busy using it to try and write about it.

Okay, okay, maybe I didn’t use it that often but it’s become one of my go-to toys. I hadn’t used a vibrator in a long, long while – in fact, it had gotten to a point many years ago where vibes could no longer get myself off because I’d burned myself out on them, and I still thought that was the case.

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