Tenga Lovers Egg

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So, maybe your love has said that he doesn’t want something all soft and cute with little hearts all over it for Valentine’s Day. He might want to rethink that.

Tenga, a popular manufacturer of sex toys for men, has come out with a special edition egg for Valentine’s Day, the Lovers Tenga Egg. This cute, compact, squishy TPE masturbation sleeve just might make the perfect festive little Valentine’s Day present for your lover. It comes with everything you’ll need, inside a plastic egg shell with a shrink-wrap wrapper.

Open the shell, and there’s a soft egg sleeve. Inside the egg sleeve, there’s a plastic tube containing a little packet of lube. Unfortunately, the lube contains parabens. Methylparaben, to be exact. That can easily be switched out for another bottle of water-based lube.

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