Lelo Oden by Nichole


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Lelo Oden is my 2nd experience with the  Sense motion line of toys that Lelo has recently came out with, thanks to Babeland for giving me the chance to try out another luxury item! I had previously tried out the Lelo Lyla and liked it , so  i thought why not give this one a go? :)

This time I decided to stray a little bit more from vibrators and try this “couples toy” You may also know that in general I am a big fan of lelo.

The toy comes in standard lelo packaging, with the normal outer cardboard box with an inner sturdier black box that says lelo with a lid that lifts off (in case you haven’t ever gotten anything from lelo!)

Nestled inside, in velvet you will find your lelo insignia broach, the oden, your remote. Underneath this, you will find your user manual, the one year warranty, the 10 year lelo guarantee, your charger, a free lube packet , the 2 batteries for your remote and a black storage bag! Lelo doesn’t skimp when including the goodies!

I didn’t have experience with a “couples toy” really before writing this review, and i have to say it really didn’t work that well for david & I …I get the concept of having a ring, and then the vibrating, but  I can’t say that it really did anything for us. Actually, it was pretty ackward and we just couldn’t get into it! I am sure this is just because we are new to this sort of thing! Sometimes change doesn’t work out for the best though!

In case you’re not familiar with the sense motion technology, it is a pretty awesome concept. The person that is holding  the controller can feel what you are feeling on the vibrating end. In this case, both people are kind of feeling the vibrating end, so I don’t know It was a little bit thinking that it was a bit pointless?

I don’t know. I just don’t think this kind of toy was for me and david, but maybe for others it would be ok? I am very glad though that I got the chance to try it out and see what it was about! I am not knocking it, i’m just saying it wasn’t our cup of tea!

this toy was  received in exchange for my honest opinion by babeland.com. All opinions stated are honest and my own! I was not required to give an positive review

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