Tenga Sleeve 3D Review by Mistress Kay

img courtesy of mistress kay

Originally Posted at: Kinky World

Author: Mistress Kay

The Tenga Sleeve 3D is a new male masturbation sleeve created by Tenga and sold by Babeland Sex Toys. It’s available in multiple designs, and the end of the Tenga Sleeve 3D is closed to create suction. The Tenga Sleeve 3D will stretch from 5″ to 9″, and the texture you see on my picture actually becomes the texture on the inside of the sleeve. The Tenga Sleeve 3D is made from TPE, and it stretches quite a bit to accomodate a wide variety of sizes.

The packaging for the Tenga Sleeve 3D is really where it captures my heart. Not only is the packaging functional, but it also can display the Tenga Sleeve 3D as well! Again, packaging that’s after my heart as I, as a toy collector, love displaying my sex toys.

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